empty stage with purple lightsSome important topics addressed this week, including the special benefits of doing a tribute act as well as the concept of “four-walling” your own show and managing the whole night. That conversation is bookended by equally-important discussions about the substances on which both your crowd and your bandmates (and you) choose to use at your shows. How do you set those rules? What do you do when they’re broken? Oh the twists and turns you’ll take! This week’s GigGab is all over the map, but the path makes sense once you’re along for the ride.

Stuff Mentioned:


00:00:00 GigGab 90 – November 14, 2016
00:00:20 Gig Gab becomes Geek Gab … for a minute (but it’s better than Politics Gab!)
00:04:35 Do we, as weekend warriors, have a platform?
00:10:09 What kind of crowd do you want, drunk or stoned?
00:12:11 Four-walling a gig
00:14:20 An evening of Acoustic Bruce Springsteen!
00:16:13 Marketing. Everything’s Easy when it’s Easy.
00:18:12 Tribute Acts Raise the Bar
00:21:12 Is a Rush tribute band in one of your hosts’ future?
00:24:11 You ever play NOT sober?
00:26:09 The Fog of San Francisco
00:33:14 December People … are coming to town!
00:34:10 GigGab 90 Outtro

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