The Born to Run Starship Trooper Reggae ExtravaganzaWrapping up the first 99 episodes, Paul and Dave dive straight into politics (but not in the way that you’d think!), then take a left turn into tribute band territory (but not in the way that you’d think!), and then discuss how your band should approach cover tunes (but not in the way that you’d think!) and finally discuss the Born To Run-Starship Trooper-Reggae Extravaganza (you weren’t already thinking of this!). Check it out and then stick with your two favorite Weekend Warriors as they start into the triple digits next week!


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Johnnie D · January 23, 2017 at 4:34 pm EST

The rule is, don’t talk about politics at work. When you’re on stage, you’re working. I personally hate it when an artist (Weekend Warrior or Pro) feels the need to share their view. Like Dave said, I came to see you play.

As for being true to an original, realizing everyone is going to have some limitation by not being the original artist, a cool version is a cool version and that’s as subjective as it gets.

Big fan. Love the show. Keep it up!

Johnnie D

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