Paul CostleyEvery band deals with a booking agent at some point, and today that becomes true here at GigGab, too, as we welcome Paul Costley of Notso Costley Productions onto the show. Paul’s been playing in, managing, booking, and organizing bands since the 1970s, and has carved out a very successful booking business for himself in New England.

Yep, it’s a two-Pauls-and-one-Dave show as your two favorite weekend warriors listen to advice about working with a booking agent, managing relationships with various clubs, and what representation with a booking agent does – and doesn’t – bring you. Take a listen, then send in your questions to us at [email protected]. Enjoy!



Jimmy Robinson · June 22, 2017 at 4:58 pm EDT

Just found your podcast. Nice1 Loved the Jan hammer interview.I’m a working/touring musician from new Orleans, and will be listening. Cheers!
Jimmy Robinson

2 Moonlight On The Mountain, Birmingham, AL
3, The Hungry Ear, Atlanta, GA
6, Acoustic Underground taping, Chicago, IL
6, Uncommon Ground, Chicago IL
8, Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN
9, The Pharmacy, Philadelphia, PA
10, 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY
11 Rockwood Music Hall, NYC
12, The Falcon, Marlboro, NY
11, Chickie Wah Wah, New Orleans w/ The Clements Brothers
13, Snug Harbor w/master percussionist Michael Skinkus
22. New Orleans Beatles Festival, House Of Blues
August 24-25 .Schloss-Reidegg. Austria with The Bruskers Duo
August 31 & Septembe1&2, Cafe Museum, Passau, Germany
September 6, Alsheim, Germany
September 7 Die Funzel, Worms, Germany.
September 9th, Gros Rohrheim, Germany
10, Arena Bar Varieté Theater, Vienna, Austria with Camilla Glueck
With Lily Kiara:
12, De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam, Netherlands
13, Genegenheid onder de Hemel, Nidgemegen, Netherlands
14, OT301, Amsterdam, Netherlands

September 30, Checkpoint Charlie’s, New Orleans, w/ Woodenhead
September 28, Steve’s Live Music, Atlanta, GA
September 29, Little Big Jam Festival, Bowden, GA
October 21 Checkpoint Charlie’s, New Orleans, w/ Woodenhead
November 12, Bayou Balloon Festival, New Orleans w/ Woodenhead

Rob S · June 25, 2017 at 8:56 am EDT

A very interesting fact that a lot of us older musicians have to realize is that we have to change with the times. The question was brought up “How many 4pc classic rock bands can you book?”
These rooms are getting harder to find…Jaco once said” if you want to keep playing you better get hip with the times”

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