3 minutes, 4 Chords, and The Truth: Remembering Tom Petty – Gig Gab 134

3 Minutes, 4 Chords, and The Truth: Remembering Tom Petty – GigGab 134Paul and Dave take a moment – actually, an entire episode – to reflect upon what Tom Petty and his music meant to each of them. They have quite different stories to tell… press play, listen, and enjoy!


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  1. Kat says:

    Hello- I very much enjoyed your Tom Petty podcast and very much appreciate that you saw fit to dedicate an entire show to him. I found you because I was looking for something, anything really, paying tribute to him and his tremendous contributions to music. Where are the public rememberances of Tom Petty? The lack of attention to his death punctuates how severely underrated this man was. No one was cooler than Tom. My heart is still broken over his death. So, thank you for spending some time on his passing and giving his fans a place to hear public appreciation for Tom Petty. -Kat

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