The stage is sacred ground for most musicians… but how does it get to be that way? Certainly it’s not comfortable the very first time you walk on stage. Depending on how you look at it, it may never be comfortable walking on stage… and yet, it can still become a comfortable, safe, and secure place for most performers. Paul and Dave find themselves in the midst of a conversation talking about exactly that!

To get there, they discuss some of the issues and hurdles musicians need to jump over and through to set themselves up for success. Knowing your bandmates, understanding your band’s logistical needs, and learning how to (quickly!) learn what it takes to make a room sound and work well are all skills that can set you up for success.

And that, folks, is what Gig Gab Podcast 150 is about, with an unexpected (but heavy!) dose of lessons from and about Tom Petty. Press play… and enjoy!


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