The Definition of Great - Gig Gab Podcast 219

The Definition of Great – Gig Gab Podcast 219

How do you define “great”? More importantly: do you and your bandmates share that definition? If not, is there someone in your band to whom you all defer on that topic?

How do you make sure your band comes across “great” all the time?

Paul and Dave think there’s another word that helps this: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. And that comes in a lot of forms. Hear your two favorite weekend warriors talk about on-stage respect, in terms of both how to share frustrations as well as how to approach the substances-on-stage issue. Dress code comes up, as it always will because, after all, music is a visual art.

Or is it?

Listen to find out more!


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  1. Johnnie D says:

    Hey Guys,

    A pretty shirt can’t fix ugly. Garbage is garbage. Fun, first and always. Music second. Crowd engagement third and count yourself fortunate, I’m wearing clothes at all, dead last. LOL.

    With Love
    Johnnie D

    • dave says:

      Haha, Johnnie D. You can’t weasel out of this one… I’ve never seen you walk on stage looking like a slob (and I’ve seen you look like a slob!). You definitely put intention into what you wear on stage and you definitely have your own “look”. It might not be David Bowie’s look, but it’s a look all the same, and it’s consistent.

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