It’s great to get your band to a place where you can just get setup and play without any issues. That’s not always easy, mind you, but it’s great. Paul and Dave both have a few stories – and a few tips – about how to make this happen… and what happens when it doesn’t!

Crowd interaction is a critical tentpole of our “Always Be Performing” motto here at Gig Gab, and Dave had some interesting experiences with that this past weekend. Sometimes the crowd is too easy to engage, and that can present its own set of problems to be solved. Never fear, Paul is there to help solve them.

Lastly, a tech question about the right kind of mix for your in-ear monitors. Really, it’s a question that applies to any monitor mixes, so you’ll want to hear your favorite Weekend Warriors’ thoughts about that, too! Press play to get it all right now.

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