Making the leap to in-ear monitors is one of the most difficult experiences any gigging musician can go through. From getting the right fit to getting the right mix to simply becoming comfortable with that new level of detachment, in-ears take dedication. The payoff is big, of course, in terms of being able to hear better and saving oneself from future hearing damage.

Dave watched Trey Anastasio battle this transition on stage over the past weekend. In response to that, Dave discusses a few of the tips and tricks he has applied when helping other musicians with this over the years.

But that’s not all, of course! Paul Kent is updating the songlist for his band, The Houserockers, and talks through not only the tunes, but the new process he and the band are using to learn them for their upcoming show season.

Plus, a quick update on AB5 just to wrap things up, and your two favorite weekend warriors are ready to go!

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bGrant · February 25, 2020 at 9:28 pm EST

I saw Cheap Trick using Axios personal mixers on that Howard Stern *#%tube video. (Not their best performance, but I did get to see more of Rick’s guitar neck gymnastics on such a simple song as Want You To Want Me.)

Wondered why everyone needed a mixer, and now I know.
Very informative Dave and Paul, thanks.
Especially useful for someone who’s going to be using in-ears for the first time, this year.
Also first time singing, much less in a solo act (usually with computer backing) and struggling to play the style of guitar I like to play, It will all be new, but I seem to be getting the projection I want, pre-in-ears… and hope I will just-grow-into-it??

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