When your band rehearses, what’s the expectation of everyone coming in? Is there a minimum bar to hit, or a high bar to beat? Listen as Paul and Dave talk through their experiences with band rehearsals over the years.

But that’s not all… Gear Gab is never far away, and this week we talk microphones and pick-up patterns and monitors and more. Make sure you choose the right mic for you, and make sure you understand its pick-up pattern so you know where to place monitor wedges and other instruments.

Lastly, your two favorite weekend warriors have been navigating around Covid just like everyone else, and it turns out that “everyone else” also includes A-level touring acts… some of whom are having trouble this fall. Listen to some anecdotes gleaned from some of the top touring artists about what they’re doing and how it’s working.

Press play and please remember: Always Be Performing!

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