In this episode, Dave and Paul explore a diverse range of topics, from loud crowds to reminiscing about the COVID era. They also delve into the fascinating realm of band dynamics and take an exclusive peek behind the scenes of Natalie Merchant’s current tour. Additionally, discover some exceptional gear recommendations that can enhance your musical journey. So, let’s dive into Gig Gab’s latest episode and gain valuable insights that will elevate your musical pursuits!

The Loud Crowd Made it 90dB on Stage…Between Songs!

Managing stage volume between songs is a challenge faced by many musicians. In this segment, Dave and Paul address this issue and offer practical advice on achieving optimal volume control. They share valuable insights to ensure a seamless transition between songs, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a professional stage presence at all times. As Dave and Paul frequently remind us, “Always Be Performing” – even during those brief interludes.

Back When We Talked About COVID for Every Episode

In a nostalgic moment, Dave and Paul reflect on the past episodes where the shadow of COVID-19 loomed large. They discuss the changes and challenges brought about by the pandemic and how it influenced their podcast. This retrospective conversation sheds light on the resilience of musicians and the adaptability required to navigate the evolving music industry landscape.

Old Friends, New Bandmates

Discover the magic of creating new bandmates out of old friends in this captivating segment. Dave and Paul delve into the intricacies of building bands with familiar faces and explore the unique dynamics that arise from such collaborations. They share personal anecdotes and provide valuable tips on nurturing relationships and fostering creativity within the band. It’s a testament to the enduring bonds that music can forge.

Listen to the Universe (and the Music)

Open your mind to the vast universe of music and the inspiration it holds in this thought-provoking segment. Dave and Paul encourage listeners to embrace unexpected opportunities and explore new musical horizons. They emphasize the importance of listening to the universe’s whispers and discovering fresh sources of creativity. By opening ourselves to the vastness of the musical landscape, we can unlock endless possibilities.

Natalie Merchant…Behind the Scenes

In this exclusive segment, Dave shares some geeky details about how sound and monitors are mixed and controlled during Natalie Merchant’s current tour.

Gear Gab

Gear enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Paul shares some new gear he’s been checking out, as well as some praise for a tower speaker he finds to be very well-supported by its manufacturer!

Whether it’s managing stage volume, embracing new bandmates, or exploring new musical horizons, the key is to stay dedicated, passionate, and…Always Be Performing!

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