Chris Liscio from SuperMegaUltraGroovy joins Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton, merging the worlds of Apple aficionados and musicians. Chris unveils the origins of his unique company name and shares his musical journey that led to the development of his music learning app, Capo.

As they dive deep, they tackle defining the purpose of Capo—a software for musicians learning by ear, born from Chris’s personal journeys. While it’s amazed the team how various instruments adopt Capo, endorsements from acclaimed artists like Dennis Chambers, Will Lee, Jordan Rudess, and more showcase the app’s impact.

Conversations span from the power of genuine advertising, Chris’s passion for music and jamming sessions with family, to the transformative role of AI in music. They stress Capo’s responsible usage of AI and dive into the nitty-gritty of chord recognition and AI model training.

A lively debate unfolds on the value of learning music by ear, cautioning against over-reliance on tech. They champion the beauty in the struggle of learning, insisting on the magic musicians create when reinterpreting existing tunes.

Press play, and remember: Always Be Performing!


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