q The Fragile Nature of Bands — Gig Gab 395

This week on Gig Gab, hosts Dave Hamilton and Paul Kent dive into an energetic discussion about the ever-changing nature of bands. This sparks a thoughtful dialogue about band dynamics, the fragility of music groups, and how to keep things moving forward when lineups shift.

Dave and Paul reflect on their decades of experience playing together in various projects, offering wisdom on commitment, communication, and throwing trust into the mix. There’s no shortage of witty banter as the two musician friends cover recent gigs, pay tribute to legends lost, and ponder that essential question: What would you do if things changed?

It’s a spirited convo fans won’t want to miss, full of laughs and hard-won perspective. Remember, as your two favorite weekend warriors always say, when it comes to performing, rehearsing or podcasting, always be performing!


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