This week, Mike Schulte, drummer for The Pork Tornadoes, joins Dave Hamilton and Paul Kent for an exciting look into running a top-tier cover band. Mike shares the unique approach that The Pork Tornadoes adopt in the cover band scene, with a spotlight on their original sensibilities and a well-thought-out division of labor that underpins their success. You’ll travel through the group’s engaging journey from selecting their “distinctive” name to captivating crowds of 20,000 strong with their performances.

You’ll gain insights into the critical moments and deliberate strategies of The Pork Tornadoes, from effective branding and logistical management to business expansion and gig diversification. Mike underscores the importance of knowing your worth and being ready for rejection, coupled with the imperative to advertise shows widely to build a supportive fan base.

You’ll learn how strategic use of scarcity and VIP options can not only boost event sales but also transform attendees into valued fans. With a commitment to “Always Be Performing”, you’ll be intrigued by the band’s hustle, strategic planning, and undying passion in the music industry.


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