Dive into the dynamic world of band life with Dave Hamilton and guest co-host Mike Schulte, as they explore the essentials of band dynamics and the logistics of playing shows. From the importance of understanding bandmates and fostering a positive environment by scheduling time to vent and finding gratitude, to the practicalities of choosing the right members based on personality, reliability, and musical ability, they cover it all. The conversation also delves into the nitty-gritty of managing fly-away shows, breaking down the costs from airfare to equipment rental, amounting to a hefty $19,000 before anyone is paid any performance fees. Amid the laughter and stories, the mantra “Always Be Performing” rings true, highlighting the commitment to excellence and adaptability in the music world.

Tackling the technical side, they share insights on enhancing live performances with pre-recorded tracks and the seamless integration of technology. The strategy of rehearsing with pre-recorded tracks to ensure a polished show is emphasized, alongside the golden rule of the stage: never acknowledge technical difficulties if you don’t have to. This approach not only streamlines performances but also enhances the audience’s experience, underscoring the professionalism and preparation that goes behind the scenes. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of band dynamics or mastering the art of live shows, the key takeaway is clear—embrace the challenges, and always be performing.


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