This week’s Gig Gab podcast marks a momentous occasion with Paul Kent’s return to celebrate its ninth anniversary alongside Dave Hamilton. Diving into the heart of gig life, they share insights on integrating new members into The Houserockers, emphasizing the essence of letting musicians thrive in their element. The evolution of a band is a journey of continuous learning and adaptation, highlighted by the addition of fresh material like “Life In The Fast Lane” and “All You Need Is Love” to The Houserockers’ repertoire. The discussion extends to the power of ending shows on a high note with singalongs, like “Sweet Caroline”, and the crucial difference between rehearsal and practice. By leveraging tools like Slack for band communication, they underscore managing expectations and the unique dynamics of performance preparation.

Amidst recounting recent gigs and teasing the potential of songs to make or break the moment, the conversation turns to the art of mastering setlists that resonate with every audience. Dave’s reflection on the nuances of songs that can “kill or KILL” and a look ahead to Dan East’s NAMM 2024 debrief offers a glimpse into the ever-evolving world of live music. As they dissect the intricacies of performance economics, such as the discussed $500 per diem, the core message remains clear: in the dynamic landscape of music gigs, the mantra “Always Be Performing” is not just a catchphrase but a guiding principle for success and fulfillment on stage.

🍻Cheers to nine years… here’s to (at least) nine more!

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