This week’s Gig Gab podcast, featuring guest co-host Daniel East, dives deep into the heart of music gear and performance wisdom. From the vibrant stage of NAMM 2024, where Yamaha showcased its latest with performances by Nathan East and company, to the detailed discussions on the latest in drumming gear like the Yamaha HHS9D Hi-Hat Stand and the innovative NanoMat Drum Mat, Daniel and Dave Hamilton dissect the tools that make a difference on stage. They didn’t stop at drum hardware, though; the duo explored cutting-edge tech including the Kemper Profiler and the StageNinja Tablet Stand, ensuring listeners know the ins and outs of gear that can elevate their performances.

The conversation took a tuneful turn towards pro audio advice with insights from Dan on using pink noise for venue acoustics and tips on using stereo, compression, and delays to accentuate background vocals, underscoring the podcast’s mantra, “Always Be Performing”.

From the exciting return of tribute bands like the 90’s ROCKSHOW and Rag Dolls to the mention of industry stalwarts like Robert Scovill and Buford Jones, the episode was a treasure trove of advice, gear talk, and the relentless pursuit of excellence on stage. Whether discussing the mechanics of a high-hat stand or the art of audio engineering, Daniel and Dave’s expertise provided a roadmap for musicians to navigate the complex landscape of performance gear, all while keeping the spirit of live music alive and kicking.


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