Dive deep into insights that will resonate with every musician as guest co-host Chris Breen joins Dave Hamilton for this week’s Gig Gab.

They kick things off by riffing on the best songs for a prom-posal, suggesting tracks like “Wang Dang Doodle” and “Teen Town” to set the mood (really?). The conversation quickly shifts to the gritty realities of performing live, discussing what happens when a band member leaves the stage unexpectedly, sharing anecdotes from Chris’s experience with System 9, and even touching on more serious topics like dealing with Bell’s Palsy as a musician. They don’t shy away from discussing the need for adaptability on stage, highlighting the importance of taking lessons and finding innovative ways to capture your bandmates’ attention during flowing sets.

As the episode progresses, the duo delves into the peculiarities of dealing with temperamental bass players and the criticality of mastering the volume litmus test to keep your gigs harmonious. They offer practical advice on managing sound levels, with a humorous nod to the universal solution of musicians everywhere: duct tape, while also discussing more sophisticated solutions like XLR turnarounds and right-angle XLR connectors.

Throughout the episode, the underlying theme is clear: no matter the challenge, “Always Be Performing”. This mantra encapsulates the essence of their conversation, emphasizing the resilience, creativity, and passion required to thrive in the unpredictable world of live music performances.


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