In the latest episode of Gig Gab, Matt Musty, a seasoned pro known for his work with Train, Grace Potter, and others, joins Dave Hamilton to share invaluable insights into the diverse roles a musician can play—be it a team player in a band setting or a versatile session artist. Emphasizing the need to adapt, whether grooving to the iconic beats of “Drops of Jupiter” or navigating the unique demands of various venues like Blossom in Cleveland and Tanglewood in Massachusetts, Musty illustrates the essence of “Always Be Performing”. He stresses the importance of context, from the dynamics of performing live to understanding the subtleties of venue acoustics and audience vibes.

Navigating the complexities of tour life, including Matt’s time on the road with Jake Clemons on the S.S. Tina Turner bus, unveils a layer of touring rarely discussed— the social dynamics and unspoken rules like those governing the guest list. Tips from life on the road with musicians like Kacey Musgraves and interactions on the Grace Potter tour delve into the personal journeys artists undertake, blending professional commitments with personal evolution. Whether discussing the technical nuances of in-ear monitors or sharing a laugh about the quirks of tour bus life, the underlying mantra remains clear: wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, “Always Be Performing”.


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