Dive into this week’s Gig Gab podcast, where Dave Hamilton and guest co-host Bob Vose tackle the highs and lows of a musician’s journey. From the golden days of Fortune’s original reign to navigating the challenging shifts brought by grunge, Bob dishes out stories of the Peanut Butter & Jelly Tour, selling out 700-seat venues, and the reality of playing “risky” songs that most bands avoid. With nods to industry greats like Boston and Queensryche, and tales of relentless rehearsal schedules, Bob reminds us that even as trends change, the secret to longevity is to “Always Be Performing.”

They explore Fortune’s evolution from originals to covers, underscoring the necessity of putting “fannies in the seats”, starting with the tried-and-true formula: one cover, two originals, repeat. Vose shares insights on preserving your voice, the chemistry of a tight-knit band, and how to keep shows fresh…all while handling uninvited guests on stage!

Whether you’re playing Foreplay/Long Time or Stairway to Heaven, the art of performing is vital, so remember: maintain your voice, rehearse responsibly, and deliver every show like it’s your last!


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