In this week’s Gig Gab, with guest cohost Daniel East returning to join Dave Hamilton, you dive into the essentials of managing your hearing and gear during and after gigs. Amanda’s question about affordable in-ear monitors (IEMs) leads to recommendations including the Sennheiser IE100 Pro and Juicy Earz, highlighting the importance of investing in quality gear without breaking the bank. Remember, the goal is to “Always Be Performing” at your best, and that includes protecting your most valuable asset – your hearing.

The discussion then moves to the finer points of creating the perfect IEM mix. They emphasize starting from zero, building your levels up gradually, and ensuring no two instruments occupy the same stereo space. Trust both your ears and eyes when adjusting your mix, and keep it simple by taking as little as possible from the main mix. Wrapping up, they provide practical tips on ear care, such as using ear bulb syringes and avoiding ear candling. Stay sharp, stay safe, and keep performing at your peak!


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