What’s Wrong with My In-Ears? – GigGab 103

a man's face with smoke coming out of his earsDo you use in-ears? Are you comfortable when you use them? Do they sound right? Paul and Dave dive back into this topic, almost accidentally, and uncover some truths about what it takes to get a good in-ear mix… and guess what? It’s not just up to you and the sound engineer. Your favorite weekend warriors explain! That then directly leads into a conversation about managing stage volume, and how you can make good stage volume your band’s holistic mission. Press play now for all this and more!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 103 – February 20, 2017
  • 00:01:14 Playing with a click, playing in form
  • 00:07:05 Assigning a leader
  • 00:13:53 Dave’s UE11 vs UE7 Comparison
  • 00:16:03 Tuning your in-ears
  • 00:18:16 It’s your stage-volume
  • 00:29:56 Marketing “special” gigs
  • 00:30:59 Lighting your band
  • 00:39:44 Dare to be great
  • 00:41:10 Recording the band tonight

Production – and Producer – Value – GigGab 102

Your two favorite weekend warriors are in the midst of some atypical musical experiences, and today’s show brings it to fruition. Dave’s playing live with tracked parts… and a click! Paul played live in a jam band scenario and has also been spending some time in the studio. He shares his thoughts about the value a producer brings to not only a project, but to him as a musician. Press play and enjoy, folks!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 102 – February 13, 2017
  • 00:01:58 Finding Elusive Tempos
  • 00:06:24 A Quick Studio Project
  • 00:08:30 Royalties
  • 00:10:16 Recording with a Producer
  • 00:24:24 Paul’s Jam Band Night
  • 00:34:44 GG Outtro

Tower PA Systems, Working With a Click, & Jam Time – GigGab 101

How does your band navigate the concepts of practice, rehearsal, and jamming? Are they all melded into one? Are they separated out? Paul and Dave discuss and dissect this for you. Then it’s time to talk gear, specifically all-in-one tower PAs. Dave and Paul have recently had the opportunity to check out multiple different tower options from Mackie, Bose, JBL, and Fishman and share their views on all of these. Finally, it’s time to talk about the click, no pun intended. Dave’s a little concerned about an upcoming gig where he’ll play with tracks, Paul’s curious about the concept, and that’s a perfect formula for a GigGab! Press play and enjoy.