guitar-paperwork-square As all working musicians know, those fun New Year’s Eve gigs re followed-up by a hangover of tax season. But, as with all hangovers, if you properly prepare for it you can limit the pain. For this, your two Weekend Warriors talk through their strategies of keeping the books straight and simple and also share some of their tax tips, too. Paul and Dave aren’t accountants, of course, but they can at least help you know what questions to ask when you visit your tax professional.

Then, because there’s no better way to flush the bad taste of taxes out, it’s time for Gear Gab! Dave and Paul both talk about the benefits and curses involved with “electrifying” their preferred acoustic instruments. Dave has reviewed a couple of different Yamaha electronic kits, and Paul talks through his favorite (and NOT favorite) acoustic guitar pickup options. Finally, Dave talks about his new ears… that Jerry Harvey sent him. All this and more… on GigGab!

Stuff Mentioned:


00:00:00 GigGab 91 – November 21, 2016
00:00:54 Holiday-themed Gigs
00:04:07 Of Music and Taxes
00:13:16 Turbotax Online Filing
00:14:48 Sending out 1099s
00:20:57 Make sure you file correctly
00:23:13 Electronic Drums
00:26:36 Guitar modeling
00:27:30 Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Kit
00:32:07 Yamaha DTX760K Electronic Drum Set
00:36:06 Making Acoustic Guitars Electric
00:44:11 JH Audio Layla In-Ear Reference/Mastering Monitors

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