The NAMM conference is the ultimate destination for music enthusiasts and professionals alike. In this week’s episode of GigGab Podcast, hosts Dave Hamilton and Paul Kent are joined by guest Dan East to discuss his recent experience at NAMM 2023.

The hosts begin the show by acknowledging that NAMM is simply NAMM, and yet, it always manages to bring a sense of excitement and anticipation. They delve into some of the standout moments from Dan’s time at NAMM, starting with their discussion on Max Nudi, a drummer who impressed them with his skills. They also talk about Kickport and Tune-bot Drum Tuners, two products that caught their attention at the conference in years past.

Moving on to the NAMM vibe, they talk about the energy and enthusiasm of the attendees and how it all adds to the overall experience. They also discuss some of the new and exciting bands Dan saw showcased at NAMM 2023, including Jamison Ross, Lawrence, Ali Handal with The RagDolls Band (Aerosmith Tribute), and String Revolution.

The discussion then shifts to Gear Gab – the NAMM edition, where they talk about some of the exciting new gear Dan saw at the conference. They cover a wide range of products, including d&b Audiotechnik Soundscape, Hear Technologies HearBack Pro – Digital Interface, Nord Stage 4, Michael Tobias Design (basses and guitars), Yamaha Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Isaac Jang Acoustic Guitars, Fender’s new guitars, Hammond XK-4, Yamaha’s new DTX with individual sends and tone generator, Efnote Electronic Drums adds a new stage box, Rupert Neve’s 8-unit DI rack – RNDi-8, Yamaha DM3 Mixer, and Yamaha Stage Customs.

To close out the show, they discuss the golden nugget: Eminent Technology’s Model Twenty Thin Speaker, and how it impressed Dan with its clarity and tonality.

In conclusion, NAMM is a one-of-a-kind experience for music enthusiasts and professionals. The hosts and guest of GigGab Podcast 381 offer an insightful discussion on the latest and greatest gear and products from the conference, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in the music industry.


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