This week on Gig Gab, you’re diving deep with Paul Kent, Dave Hamilton, and their special guest, Chris Breen, a seasoned maestro in the music scene. Having played with his band, System 9, since 1985 — and having played quite a bit before that, too — Chris has a fun, observant perspective to share. Oh, and he also played for naked people, so there’s that.

Your three favorite weekend warriors cover the fairness of compensating subs, the arc of live music’s popularity, and the technicalities and nuances of maintaining volume levels. Breen shares insights on handling difficult people at gigs and the thrill of hitting that high C in “Whipping Post.” Throughout these revelations, the underlying mantra remains the same: “Always Be Performing.” Whether it’s managing band relationships or crafting the perfect sound, it’s all about delivering a stellar performance, no matter the circumstances. Press play and enjoy, folks!


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