Dive deep into the essence of live music production with insights from Dave Cook and Lewis Fawcett of Area 52 Studios joining Dave Hamilton on Gig Gab. As they navigate the intricacies of creating the perfect in-ear monitor mix for artists like Natalie Merchant, they emphasize the delicate balance between clarity and ambiance. Incorporating ambient mics and reverb, while not forgetting the foundational elements of a solid mix, Dave Cook reminds us that to truly captivate an audience, one must “Always Be Performing” with an impeccable sound.

Their discussion extends beyond the technical, touching on the human elements of touring and recording, from the crucial hospitality towards artists to the mixed emotions of touring without loved ones. Lewis Fawcett, with a background enriched by family connections to Spymob and NER*D, shares some sage advice!

From road essentials like a dual-voltage collapsible kettle for that necessary coffee to favorite microphones that capture every nuance of performance, this episode is a treasure trove for those looking to refine their live sound or studio recordings, while always keeping the audience’s experience at the forefront.



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