In this week’s Gig Gab, Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton embrace the holiday spirit with a discussion about the unique challenges and opportunities that Christmas gigs bring to your musical journey. Keep your performance fresh with insights from Good and learn how rebranding your band, like Clubbing Fraggles did, might just be the edge you need. Additionally, your two favorite weekend warriors dig into the idea of commoditization in the world of custom-fit in-ear monitors and how that’s shaking up the industry.

Then it’s time for Gear Gab, staring with the new iCloud syncing feature added to forScore, and Behringer BA 19A Boundary Kick Drum Mic that’s changing the game for drummers. More commoditization! Get the lowdown on the new Whirlwind PW-1 Headphone Amp for your IEMs and make sure you check out Logic Pro 10.8’s Mastering Assistant that could elevate your recording sessions. Plus, don’t miss out on Stage Ninja’s new heavy-duty mounts that ensure your tech is always where you need it on the gig. Through it all, remember the mantra that sets every great musician apart: Always Be Performing.


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