You know where your amps and drums and mics go, but what about your mains? Any ideas? It’s worth not just making an assumption every time you walk into a new room, and Paul and Dave start that conversation for you. Merchandise can either be a huge benefit or a huge time-suck for your band, and it all depends on who you are. Listen to Paul and Dave and then share your thoughts with them, too! Of course, it wouldn’t be GigGab without a philosophical discussion of some type, and Paul leads us all down the path of discussing when it’s time to turn down a gig. Good stuff this week, all packed into 35 minutes!


00:00:00 GigGab 89 – November 7, 2016
00:00:45 The Houserockers return to the stage
00:01:20 Bitter Pill Debrief
00:09:21 Triangle Stages
00:14:12 Principle vs. Reality
00:17:29 How much is not enough?
00:18:40 At one point do you turn down a gig?
00:21:48 Define a value for your music
00:25:56 Stereo sound vs. single-source
00:28:17 Merchandise!
00:34:51 GigGab 89 Outtro

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Kevin Tisdall · November 7, 2016 at 4:42 pm EST

re: the single pa stack in a smaller club / odd room space – This definitely works, depending on what you want to accomplish. We did it years ago and I find it useful in places I still play or do PA work in. Definitely worth considering if you are trying to save stage space, save the bartenders from going deaf, whatever the need.

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