Welcome to another exciting episode of Gig Gab! This week, Dave Hamilton dives into the whirlwind of recent and upcoming gigs, tackling six gigs with five different bands in June alone. He also discusses the challenges of playing a gig without in-ear monitors and the invaluable lessons from recent guests. From Robert Scovill’s advice on delaying mains in any size room to Mike Schulte’s insights on using a splitter snake for easier setups, and Chris Breen’s reminder to read the stage as well as the room, there’s plenty to learn. Remember, “Always Be Performing” as you take these tips to your own gigs.

In the Gear Gab segment, Dave highlights the Earthworks SR117 microphone and explores the latest tools of the trade, including Adam’s suggestion to use Suno’s AI for creating theme songs for your band. Dave also shares how you can use Spotify URLs to enhance your playlists when prepping for gigs. Listener Mike shares one his recent favorite podcasts, Strong Songs’ “Limb By Limb” episode for nerding out on song dissections.

As always, Dave is eager for your feedback about the show and what projects you’re involved in. Keep innovating, and never forget to “Always Be Good to Hang With!”


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