Down the Musical Wormhole: Reflecting, Reacting, and Reading – Gig Gab Podcast 209

Down the Musical Wormhole: Reflecting, Reacting, and Reading – Gig Gab Podcast 209Today, your feedback and emails send Paul and Dave down the musical wormhole to explore topics like reading music, dealing with sound reflections, and reacting to a crowd that’s not reacting to you.

Listen to your two favorite weekend warriors discuss all this and more. Press play, listen, learn a little, and enjoy the ride! Then send in your own thoughts to!


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 209 – Tuesday, April 30, 2019
  • 00:01:05 Mad Haus … with a Break
  • 00:03:23 The benefits of staying warm and loose
  • 00:06:22 Reflection about Reflection
  • 00:07:52 Corporate Gigs: It’s Not About You
  • 00:15:10 Casino Gigs
  • 00:17:54 SPONSOR: Bandzoogle: Built by musicians for musicians, Bandzoogle makes it easy to build a beautiful website for your music. Try for free for 30 days, then use promo code “giggab” to get 15% off your first year.
  • 00:21:04 Dan-208-iPads on Stage Can be Fine
  • 00:29:06 Dave-PageTurners and Music reading apps
  • 00:35:50 Reading Music
  • 00:38:13 GG 209 Outtro

Gig Gab MailBag: Get Your Eyes off Your Pad – Gig Gab Podcast 208

This week finds your two favorite weekend warriors doing something they love: Digging into the mailbag! Listener Matt asks about using iPads on stage, which seems is always a hot-button topic.

Eric’s curious about guitar amp simulators, Chris has a question about managing two guitars in a band, and Peter has a question Paul and Dave never thought they’d have to answer!

All this, and all that, here on Gig Gab this week. Always be performing, folks!


The Value of The Singalong – Gig Gab Podcast 207

When things are good you don’t think about it, but when the feel of your instrument in your hands changes… nothing else matters. That goes for what you hear in your ears, too. So much of playing music is a visceral experience, and any distractions there can really take you off your game.

Listen to your two favorite (and geeky!) musicians talk through some of their specifics in this regard, including Dave’s potential “Holy Grail” drumsticks. But first, one must examine not only the perspective of humility, but the value of the singalong. Paul and Dave walk through all this and more, plus a listener tip, too!

Press play and enjoy. Oh, and Always Be Performing!

Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff Mentioned:

  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 207 – Monday, April 15, 2019
  • 00:01:00 The perspective of humility
  • 00:02:39 The job of the on-stage leader
  • 00:08:21 New mixer in the studio – Behringer UFX1204
  • 00:10:48 Mad Haus Tribute to (the) Queen
  • 00:18:20 The Value of the Singalong
  • 00:21:13 Andy-CSF-Boso Drumsticks
  • 00:29:52 SPONSOR: Bandzoogle: Built by musicians for musicians, Bandzoogle makes it easy to build a beautiful website for your music. Try for free for 30 days, then use promo code “giggab” to get 15% off your first year.
  • 00:34:14 Uptown Celebration’s continued evolution
  • 00:38:05 Experiencing the guitar player… who plays a horn instead!
  • 00:42:26 “Let me tell you about horn players in general…”
  • 00:47:28 Competing with The Weather
  • 00:49:39 Gig Gab 207 Outtro

Care and Feeding of Your Instrument – Gig Gab Podcast 206

Your instruments are important to you, so you’ve got to take care of them – and that includes your voice. Paul and Dave talk through some recent troubles Dave’s been having, and then move on to properly caring for your audiences, too. It’s important to understand who your audience is at each gig, and what their expectations are. Sometimes it’s not about you… or your desired stage volume!

Finally, Dave saw a few cool things at SXSW that he brought home to tell you all about. You won’t want to miss this one, folks!

Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff Mentioned:

  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 206 – Monday, April 1, 2019
  • 00:00:45 Dave’s Throat Hurts!
  • 00:10:31 Care and Feeding of Your Instrument
  • 00:13:36 Corporate Gig Dynamics
  • 00:18:55 Design your sound for the gig ahead of time
  • 00:25:02 The volume pissing match
  • 00:27:29 It’s Not About You – It’s About the Volume
  • 00:34:40 Do you prepare for low volume? Let us know!
  • 00:36:43 SXSW: Single – Artist, Label, and Record Store Tools for Shopify
  • 00:40:31 SXSW: SoundStorming
  • 00:43:36 SXSW: Who Let The Dogs Out?
  • 00:47:29 Vocal Warm-ups
  • 00:52:14 Gig Gab 206 Outtro

SXSW, Singalongs, & Filling Your Setlist – Gig Gab Podcast 205

Dave’s back from SXSW and has a few stories to share about bands he saw. First, though, he and Paul talk through expanding your setlist, specifically from the angle of purpose. Why are you adding the songs you’re adding? Are they the best way to serve your band’s show? Lastly, a tip from listener Michael about creatively using wireless transmitters for on-stage submixes. All of this and more in this week’s Gig Gab!

Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff Mentioned:


The Mr. Jimmy Story – Gig Gab Podcast 204

Dave’s at SXSW 2019, and he has seen more than a few things worthy of a Gig Gab discussion. First he and Paul talk through the overall vibe of SXSW, and then it’s time to get into some specifics!

Amanda Palmer, Redd Volkaert, and Nashville all make cameos, but the big dissection this week stems from Mr. Jimmy, a Japanese guitarist, method actor, and historian who has dedicated his life’s work to embodying the spirit of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin.

How far is too far? How much devotion is too much? And where can you make your career with all of that?

Paul and Dave tackle these interesting questions… what do you think? is the place to send your thoughts!


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 204 – Friday, March 15, 2019
  • 00:01:30 SXSW
  • 00:03:10 Early morning gigs
  • 00:05:58 Austin, Live Music Capital of the World
  • 00:06:15 SXSW, as a conference
  • 00:10:50 Redd Volkaert and Bill Kirchen
  • 00:17:28 Amanda Palmer and Austin/SXSW Music Fans
  • 00:18:43 SPONSOR: gets you 3 months free with your 1-year subscription
  • 00:21:01 The Mr. Jimmy Story
  • 00:47:54 Super Diamond’s Experience
  • 00:49:43 Gig Gab 204 Outtro

Fist Bump To The Rescue – Gig Gab Podcast 203

What do you do when you’re approached by someone at a gig who wants more than just a friendly hello? How about dealing with a booking agent who makes promises they won’t keep? Do you sell merchandise (versus just having merchandise you can’t sell)? And… what do you do to keep yourself inspired as a player?

Listen as Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton, your two favorite weekend warriors, talk through all of this and more.


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 203 – Monday, March 4, 2019
  • 00:00:56 Mad Haus Stories
  • 00:01:41 Fist Bump to The Rescue!
  • 00:08:45 The Stage Adds 10-Degrees of Desirability
  • 00:13:25 Managing the Booking Deals You Cut
  • 00:17:00 The art of negotiating
  • 00:23:40 The Consistently Incorrect Strike Zone of Booking Agents
  • 00:28:04 Merchandise
  • 00:38:47 Finding that relaxation when playing
  • 00:42:56 Realizing you can do more
  • 00:47:29 Beware the Lowest Common Denominator
  • 00:54:15 GG 203

Music Mechanics – Gig Gab Podcast 202

Music is about emotion, and passion, and expression, and so many other intangible things. But how do you get there? What are the mechanics that it takes to make this happen? This is where Paul and Dave’s inspiration comes from for today’s episode.

How do you deal with playing with musicians for the first time? How do you deal with playing withOUT musicians for the first time? Are you playing music or making music?

And where the heck are you supposed to put that danged iPad?

These are the important questions, folks, and your two favorite weekend warriors endeavor to answer them for you!


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 202 – Monday, February 25, 2019
  • 00:00:55 Happy Four Years! And thanks!
  • 00:04:00 No Matter What, Own the Gig, Don’t Just Survive It
  • 00:11:50 The Superstition Detour
  • 00:14:54 The value of stripping things apart
  • 00:16:24 How good is your band?
  • 00:23:10 The Mechanics of a Pick-Up Band
  • 00:30:03 Making Music vs. Playing Music
  • 00:40:20 Neal Schon’s Time Machine Tour
  • 00:42:19 Bill-iPad on Stage?
  • 00:49:38 A Time and a Place for the iPad
  • 00:55:14 Smart Phone Etiquette
  • 01:00:00 Go with the flow, or Choose your best path?
  • 01:02:00 GG 202 Outtro

Propofol Airlines & The Spank Box – Gig Gab Podcast 201

Sometimes the topics just flow. Of course, you folks do help with that… and today it’s all over the place. Paul and Dave take you on a journey that starts with revamping the airline industry, touches on the beauty of Alex Chilton’s blue-eyed-soul-inspired power pop, mentions Rick Nielsen more than once, and digs into the money conversation.

It’s true, your two favorite weekend warriors celebrate their fourth anniversary of GigGab by having a verbal jam session, and you get to be a fly on the wall. Press play and enjoy, then let us know what you think at!


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 201 – Monday, February 18, 2019
  • 00:00:50 Feb 19, 2015 first GigGab release, happy four years!
  • 00:02:16 From the 2018 Gift List: Outlaw Nomad Pedal Board
  • 00:06:15 Come Fly Propofol Airlines
  • 00:09:52 New PitchSlap Cajon for Dave
  • 00:11:40 The First Blue-Eyed Soul Performer, Alex Chilton
  • 00:19:35 Four gigs in a weekend!
  • 00:22:00 Scenes matter!
  • 00:27:29 Brushes with Greatness
  • 00:31:02 Rick Nielsen
  • 00:34:45 Power Pop requires attention to nuance
  • 00:38:26 Kevin-Money Questions
    • Clearly defined (social) contract
  • 01:03:04 Gig Gab 201 Outtro

When You’ve Got it Right, Trust Yourself – Gig Gab Podcast 200

Some of the greatest art comes from an artist who trusts themselves, regardless of what others are saying, and just puts it out there. This, of course, can happen in many different forms. In music, it can be the guy who came up with an infectious piano groove to change a hit song to his liking, a songwriter who hones his tunes to perfection, a songwriter who took what she liked to hear and morphed it into her own, or in a live setting the band that trusts themselves enough to use one mic for their entire setup.

Whatever it is, confidence stems from delivering what you know is right, and your two favorite weekend warriors talk through a few examples of this they’ve come across as of late. Listen as Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton share their thoughts on all this and more. Press play… and enjoy. And remember… (say it together, now) always be performing!